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Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessment and Training Course

This course is aimed at all employees using Display Screen Equipment in the course of their work. The Display Screen Equipment (DSE) regulations require DSE assessments to be conducted for all significant users of display screen equipment (computer workstations). The regulations require employers to protect the health of workers by:

  • Assessing workstations to reduce risks

  • Ensuring workstations meet a specified minimum requirement

  • Planning work activities so that they include breaks and/or a change of activity

  • Providing eyesight tests, and special spectacles if required

  • Providing information and training.


To ensure compliance, an individual assessment is required for each DSE user. The Workplace Wellbeing Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessment and Training course is designed to individually assess each employee while providing support and training to allow the individual to evaluate and customise their workstation environment in the future. Employees are then further advised on appropriate use of display screen equipment, postural, back and eyesight care, and injury prevention. Information will be provided in line with the specific policy of the organisation.


This course is designed to be carried out on-site and each assessment is conducted with the user at their workstation.




The assessments are conducted by a qualified assessor who also provides training to each user, ensuring full compliance with the DSE regulations. Any recommended changes to the workstation will be outlined in a brief employee summary and will also include advice in relation to any equipment that may be required. Up to 16 DSE assessments can be conducted per site visit.

Further information

Workplace Wellbeing is able to offer a full occupational health advisory service where there are additional concerns such as return to work, or serious illness or injury. In this situation an experienced occupational health adviser will work with both employer and employee to ensure the most appropriate intervention.

Workplace Wellbeing is also able to offer an on-line DSE assessment service through their partner, Premier Therapy, a highly regarded specialist ergonomics and physiotherapy company.


Cost will be dependent on the venue location and the number of participants booked onto the course. Please contact the training department to discuss your requirements or for further information.

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