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Welfare and Psychological Support Services

Research carried out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) suggests that the impact of stress has increased significantly over the last decade, and certainly the impact of negative stress within the workplace can be considerable for both the individual and the organisation.


As our professional and personal lives become busier and potential stressors increase, it is more important than ever that we consider our psychological wellbeing, and that of those around us.

Workplace Wellbeing can provide a bespoke service of confidential support to staff who may require advice or guidance in relation to work issues. These may be related to the type of work they are doing, or may be related to other issues such as relationships with colleagues.

Workplace Wellbeing also offer a specific trauma support service which is based upon post incident management and critical incident stress management.

Type of services available includes:

  • ‘In-house’ provision of welfare officer

  • ‘In-house’ or external provision of counselling psychologist

  • ‘In-house’ or external provision of Cognitive Behaviour Therapist

  • ‘One off’ evaluation of needs

  • Trauma Support

  • Critical Incident Stress Management

  • Consultancy advice on risk assessments, policies, and procedures

*Individual and independent welfare and/or counselling provision also available upon request

Welfare Adviser

The role of the welfare advisor is to establish a relationship of respect and trust with the employee(s) enabling them to discuss any areas of emotional concern in a confidential environment, whether related to work or to personal circumstances.

Welfare advisers are also trained to recognise when the situation requires more specialised intervention. If the situation is such that they feel further support is required, a referral to a counsellor may be recommended.

Counselling Psychologist

The role of the counselling psychologist includes an assessment of individual mental health requirements, and the planning and implementation of therapy. The psychologist also provides support, supervision, and training to other members of the team such as Welfare Advisers.

Trauma Support Team

The trauma support team include counsellors trained in both post incident management and critical incident stress debriefing. Led by an experienced team leader, an immediate assessment of the incident is carried out and an appropriately skilled team selected.

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