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Fire Safety Response Team Training

This course is aimed at organisations that require an internal response to a fire incident within their premises and or facility. The course provides key training for internal fire response team members to effectively manage fire incidents within their organisation and evacuate the affected area or premises in a safe and methodical manner.

Course Content

  • Roles and Responsibilities of the fire response team

  • Understanding the nature of fire spread

  • Fire risk management

  • Communication and incident management

  • Understanding fire alarms and reducing unwanted fire calls

  • Fire hazard identification

  • Fire-fighting media

  • Effective operational fire fighting

  • The importance of risk reduction

  • Risk Reduction tools

  • Table top exercise


The aim of the course is to improve the awareness of the roles and responsibilities of fire response team members regarding their duties in the event of a fire, as well as the appropriate use of fire-fighting media and their hazards and limitations.

Information will be provided in line with the specific policy of the organisation.


This course is designed to be carried out on-site with the session containing an assessment conducted within the framework of a table top exercise.


The assessments are conducted by a qualified assessor who also provides training to each user, ensuring full compliance with the DCLG, Regulatory Reform Order and other relevant/industry specific guidance and regulations. Any recommended changes to the workstation will be outlined in a brief employee summary and will also include advice in relation to any equipment that may be required.


Cost will be dependent on the venue location and the number of participants booked onto the course. Please contact the training department to discuss your requirements or for further information.

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