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Occupational Health International

Workplace Wellbeing provide occupational health services on an international basis with clients ranging from the United States, Nigeria, Iraq and Lebanon.

Our highly skilled occupational health team include physicians, nurses and other occupational health specialists, all holding extensive experience of working in remote locations such as those found within the mining, and oil and gas industry.

In Kurdistan, Workplace Wellbeing is rapidly becoming the Premier Occupational Health Provider within the Oil and Gas industry and have established a formally recognized partnership with a well- respected Kurdish and UK trained occupational health physician based in Kurdistan. By working closely with local Kurdistan medical professionals, Workplace Wellbeing is able to provide a bespoke occupational health service that is valued equally by local nationals and expatriates alike. 

Workplace Wellbeing provide consultants who are respectful of all cultures and who are experienced in providing health services to diverse communities, often utilizing the skills of local translators.

Noise Mapping

Plant walk through before noise mapping starts

Workplace Wellbeing has the ability to deliver an efficient and cost effective occupational health service specifically tailored to the requirements of each organisation.

Providing a team of professionals, fully equipped with the latest technology, our teams will travel to your location at your convenience. Once on site the team will set up and deliver the service you have requested… all you need to provide is a room!

Our OH teams currently provide the following services to organisations world-wide.


  • OGUK Medicals

  • ERT Medicals

  • Sickness Absence Management ( including for expatriate staff)

  • Vaccination Programmes

  • Display Screen Equipment Assessment

  • Health Surveillance including:

    • Audiometry ( Hearing assessments)

    • Spirometry (Lung function)

    • Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome testing (HAVS)

    • Vision Screening

Occupational Hygiene

  • Air quality sampling (including particulates and environmental gases)

  • Water sampling (including legionella)

  • Bacterial assessment  (for kitchens and food handling areas)

  • Noise Mapping


  • Remote 23/7 Welfare Telephone Support Service

  • Signposting service of specific support to Expatriates

  • Wellbeing audits  and advisory services


  • Occupational Health Support Workers Programme

  • Primary Health Care Programme

  • Food Hygiene Course

Other Services

Workplace Wellbeing can offer the following services specifically based around the requirements of the remote environment

  • Vaccination Programmes

  • Emergency and Disaster Response Training

  • Firefighter Training

  • First Aid Training

  • DSE training

  • Manual Handling Training

  • Physiotherapy  Services

  • On Line DSE Programmes

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