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Occupational Health UK

Occupational Health is that speciality of medicine devoted to the study of the effects of our work on our health, and also the effect of our health on the work we do. Occupational health is also concerned with ensuring that there is nothing in an individual’s medical history that will affect the way they work or put them at risk while at work, making this an important subject at every stage of the work cycle, from recruitment to retirement.

An independent review of sickness absence in the UK suggests that 140 million working days are lost to sickness absence each year with musculoskeletal issues and mental health conditions (including stress) remaining the most common causes of ill-health.

While not all illness can be prevented, a robust occupational health service can often help to reduce illness caused at work. Occupational health support can also improve the recovery time for those affected by work related illness with the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) advising “ that in the event of sickness absence the sooner action is taken, the better the chances are of an employee making a full and speedy return to work”.

Eye Test

The clinic has the ability to provide vision screening at site.

Workplace Wellbeing is able to offer a practical occupational health service specifically tailored to the needs of each individual organisation.

Whether providing a telephone support service to manage sickness absence cases, or attending your site with our purpose built mobile occupational health unit to provide a full health surveillance programme, we will always aim to provide the most effective and cost- efficient service to meet the needs of you, and your employees.


Our clinical services include:

  • Specialist Medicals including:

    • HSE Appointed Persons Medical officer for asbestos, ionising radiation and lead.

    • Network Rail Medicals

    • Forklift Truck (FLT) Medicals

    • Confined Spaces and Working at Heights Medicals

    • Night Workers and Shift Workers Medicals


  • Pre-employment/Pre-placement health assessment

  • Sickness absence case management

  • Return to work programmes

  • Health surveillance including:

    • Hearing assessments

    • Lung function assessments

    • Vision screening

    • Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)

    • Skin /allergen assessments

    • Biological monitoring for Isocyanates’

    • Monitoring for heavy metals

    • Drug and alcohol testing


  • Wellness Clinics Including

    • Know your Numbers and Cardiac risk assessment

    • Stress assessment programme

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